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Sleep test | Home sleep apnea test(HSAT)

Sleep test | Home sleep apnea test(HSAT)

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- Sleep test | Home sleep apneay (HSAT) -

The ASC Clinic offers you free assessment tools and simple, quick, reliable and accessible screening and diagnostic tests.

Find out in minutes your likelihood or level of risk of suffering from sleep apnea with our free screening tools or take the SHome sleep apnea (HSAT)) , which is particularly effective in diagnosing obstructive apnea.

Test yourself from the comfort of your bed

Do Home sleep apnea (HSAT)) at home, which is particularly effective, quick and accessible for diagnosing obstructive apnea.

This polygraph measures cardio-respiratory parameters:

  • Air flow with a nasal cannula
  • Respiratory effort with a flexible and comfortable strap on the thorax
  • Oxygen level and heart rate with the saturometer
  • Your position: lying on your back, right side, left side or even if you are standing

Then the data is automatically analyzed by software and verified by a sleep study technician. The most recent analysis standards are used (AASM 2012).

- Our respiratory therapy services - Level 3 home sleep test | Home sleep apnea (HSAT)) -

🕓 Virtual consultation, or by telephone, 30-minute appointment.


  • Make an appointment with the Apnea Sleep CPAP Clinic
  • ⚠️ Before doing so, make sure you have a prescription in hand. Download here to have it completed by a doctor beforehand.
  • The respiratory therapist will give you the Epworth Drowsiness Scale and STOP BANG questionnaires.
  • The respiratory therapist will explain to you how to set up, start and finish the test.
  • You must bring the device back to the clinic the next day for the respiratory therapist to download the data
  • The respiratory therapist will give you the preliminary result when returning the device
  • The respiratory therapist will communicate the result to you and to the prescribing doctor a week or two after the test.
  • You will receive an interpretation report dictated by a doctor specialized in sleep disorders
  • The prescribing doctor will then be able to suggest a treatment
  • The respiratory therapist will direct you to the next step if treatment is necessary.
  • You have to travel to the office twice. The first move is to get the device and the second time is to return the device.


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