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We are here to support your CPAP treatment with personalized respiratory therapy services as well as a variety of specialized products that meet your needs and at affordable prices.

  • Consulting services

    ★ Respiratory therapy services offered by owner respiratory therapist, free of charge with any purchase of a CPAP device and for the life of this device.

  • Testing

    ★ STOP-BANG questionnaire
    ★ EPWORTH Sleepiness Scale
    ★ Home sleep apnea test (HSAT)

    ★ WatchPAT One Sleep Test

  • CPAP machines

    ★ CPAP (PPC)
    ★ APAP (PPA)
    ★ BiPAP

    ★ Travel device

  • CPAP masks

    ★ Facial
    ★ Nasal
    ★ Under the nose
    ★ Pillow

  • CPAP Accessories

    ★ Your one-stop shop for purchasing CPAP accessories with multiple options, major brands, competitive prices

  • Expert advice from respiratory therapist owner

  • Quick access to the help you need, where and when you need it

  • Personalized services My Expert CPAP Program © Included with purchase

  • Specialized products CPAP machines, masks, & accessories

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Advisory services offered by the owner respiratory therapist, member of the OPIQ

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-Expertise of over 25 years at your service -

As a respiratory therapist and health professional specializing in cardiorespiratory care, and a member in good standing of the Professional Order of Respiratory Therapists of Quebec (OPIQ) for over 25 years, my priority is your health!

When it comes to sleep apnea therapy, you can count on expertise and professional, accessible and courteous service, practical advice, assistance with instructions to bring home, as well as monitoring and support. ongoing support allowing you to become an active participant in the treatment of your sleep apnea and your future health.

  • Advisory services offered by respiratory therapist owner

  • Assistance with the purchase of your CPAP device, mask and accessories

  • Help with fitting your CPAP device and mask

  • Tips for cleaning & maintaining your CPAP device and mask

  • Support and support with continuous monitoring throughout your sleep apnea treatment

  • Supported with renewal to meet all your sleep apnea treatment needs.

Do you suffer from sleep apnea?

Your respiratory therapist is there to support you with your current CPAP (CPAP), APAP (PPA), or BiPAP treatment, for advice on the best options that apply to you and your situation or simply to answer your questions.

He can also assist you with the renewal of your device, mask or accessories. In addition, you would automatically benefit from all the respiratory therapy services that are offered free of charge with the purchase of a CPAP machine and for the life of this device.

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Have you just been diagnosed with sleep apnea?

Receiving a sleep apnea diagnosis can be overwhelming. Breathe deeply! Your respiratory therapist is there to support you in your steps to start your new therapy with a CPAP, APAP or BiPAP machine.

He will also be able to assist you in the process of acquisition, adjustment, maintenance, renewal of your device, mask and accessories and give you advice on the best options that apply to you and your situation.

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Do you think you have sleep apnea but aren't sure?

Do not wait! Sleep apnea is a condition that should not be taken lightly, as this condition can have long-term negative health effects if left untreated.

This is why your respiratory therapist is there to help you have a clearer idea of ​​your situation and the steps to follow to make the diagnosis and treatment easy, effective and accessible.

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