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Consulting Services | Assessment consultation

Consulting Services | Assessment consultation

Clinique ASC


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Achetez et bénéficiez automatiquement de tous nos services d'inhalothérapie sans frais!

Profitez de notre Programme Privilèges Exclusif Tout-en-un, Mon Expert CPAP© et bénéficiez automatiquement avec tout achat d’un appareil ou d'un masque CPAP et ce pour la durée de vie de ceux-ci, de tous nos services d'inhalothérapie offert sans frais. En savoir plus »

- Consulting services offered by the respiratory therapist owner -

360° advisory services, attentive to your needs, where and when you need them.

Experience quality, accessible and courteous service that stands out for its personalized, attentive and empathetic approach to your situation, in the comfort of your home*, by videoconference or by telephone, as well as in the clinic by appointment.

- Our respiratory therapy services - Evaluation consultation, Included in the program - My CPAP Expert©

🕓 Virtual consultation, or by telephone, appointment 15-30 minutes.

During your first appointment, the respiratory therapist will be happy to discuss with you and provide you with:

  • Answers to all your questions
  • Personalized advice on the best options that apply to you and your situation

🕓 Virtual consultation, in the office or at home*, appointment 45-60 minutes

  • Installation and programming of your device by the respiratory therapist according to the doctor's prescription and to optimize comfort, adaptation and effectiveness of the treatment
  • Configure and connect your device to the cloud for easy access to treatment data reports for your doctor
  • Help you understand what your device data reports are about and why they matter
  • Tips for cleaning & maintaining your device

- Exclusive All-in-one Customer Privileges Program, My CPAP© Expert -

Take advantage of our Exclusive All-in-one Customer Privileges Program, My CPAP© Expert and benefit from all our respiratory therapy services. Normally offered free of charge with any purchase of a CPAP device, the program is now also offered to people who purchased their CPAP system from the competition.

Whether in the comfort of your home, by videoconference, by telephone, or in a clinic, having your healthcare professional easily and quickly accessible is an invaluable privilege for your health and well-being.

To learn more about the My Expert CPAP© Program, click here

* For Mobile Home Services, a small surcharge applies.
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