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Philips Dreamwear Full Face CPAP Mask | SM-M frames, strap, clips & choice of SML-MW cushions

Philips Dreamwear Full Face CPAP Mask | SM-M frames, strap, clips & choice of SML-MW cushions

Philips Respironics


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The Philips Respironics DreamWear nasal-oral mask, also called "facial", is used for the treatment of sleep apnea using CPAP (CPAP: continuous positive airway pressure) or BiPAP. The mask nasal-buccal (facial) is ideal for those who breathe through the mouth.

This mask is available in a fitting 'kit' which includes all pad sizes to make the transition to the new mask easier and a medium frame that will fit most users.

The Nasal-Oral (Facial) Mask is the newest mask to be added to the DreamWear mask series. Based on the same design as the nostril mask and intra-nostril nasal mask from the DreamWear family, this mask combines versatility and innovation to give you freedom of movement and comfort like never before.

With its 360-degree rotating connection on the top of the head and flexible silicone frame, this mask will allow you to sleep comfortably by easily adapting to a wide variety of sleeping positions so you can sleep in the position you want. you want – on your stomach, side or back.

The DreamWear Nasal-Oral (Facial) Mask comes with a cushion that fits under the nose and mouth, allowing air to flow through the mouth and nostrils without being inserted into the nose or applying excessive pressure. Thanks to the low profile of the cushion, there is absolutely no contact on the top of the nose or the sensitive nasal bridge. Exhalation ports located on the cushion and in the elbow of the mask discreetly disperse excess air.

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Included in the box

  • (2) Frames: SM ( 1116745) and M (1116746)
  • (1) Belt: standard (133450)
  • (1) Nasal-oral cushion, choice of: S (1133430), M (1133431) L, (1133432), MW (1133433)
  • (1) Rotating connector elbow: standard (Not sold separately)
  • (2) Magnetic Belt Clips: Standard (1133454)
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